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Company Profile
Hunan Zhongke Electric Co., Ltd. was established in April 2004, and is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM on December 25, 2009, is the electromagnetic listed companies, is the electromagnetic metallurgical industry brands; is committed to the overall Metallurgy solution modern things total solutions save energy research and innovation of the overall solution, sets of modern manufacturing and modern services in one of the high-tech enterprises and software companies.
The company occupies 260 acres and a total construction area of 100,000 square meters, the standard plant more than 60,000 square meters of electromagnetic product development and production base.

Main Products
Our main products include tundish channel type induction heating and refining equipment, metal melting and casting electromagnetic stirring complete sets of equipment, complete sets of magnetic lifting equipment, magnetic separator. Its widely used in iron and steel, transport, shipbuilding, machinery, mining and other industries. Companies leading domestic market share was maintained at 50% -70%, which replaced foreign products, the national cumulative foreign exchange savings of 20 billion yuan, the products are exported to various countries and regions.

Company R & D strength, focus on innovation. The main technical backbone of the (force) has undertaken a major national scientific and technological issues "July five", "eight five", "Nine Five" continuous casting electromagnetic stirring device developed. At present, the company has a number of patents and software copyrights and other intellectual property rights, access to a number of national, provincial ministries of science and technology awards, such as:
◆ won the 2014 "Metallurgical special power supply system key technology and equipment and its application," the State Technological Invention Award second prize
◆ won the 16th "two-phase inverter power system and its integrated control method" China Patent Gold Award
◆ won the 2013 "Metallurgical special power electronic conversion power topology and control method and its application" project China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award
◆ won the 2012 annual "power control method and application of advanced electronic and hybrid hybrid system," Hunan Province Technological Invention Award

◆ won the 2010 "large-scale enterprise integrated electrical energy-saving technologies and key applications," National Science and Technology Progress Award

In addition, the company developed a "high-magnetic slab continuous casting with high thrust electromagnetic stirring roller sets of equipment" by the Chinese Society for Metals Identification, "tundish channel electromagnetic induction heating and refining apparatus" broke through the middle of the pack of low superheat temperature technology, and identified by the China Machinery industry Federation. Breaking the monopoly of foreign markets and technology blockade, China's steel enterprises to promote development of new products, from steel to steel power big country of great significance.
Future, the company will continue to revitalize national industry, and strive to create Chinese manufacturing into China, to contribute to the promotion of basic industries.

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