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year 2004
1, by Yu new Liai Wu, Yu Yu deposit, Zou Yinan, Chen Hui Ao, mold and other 16 people and invested 6 million yuan to initiate the formal establishment of Yueyang Zhongke Electric Co., Ltd.

2, the successful development of separate cooling water built-in magnetic stirrer, to avoid the built-in magnetic stirrer fate of being eliminated.

1, the successful development of copper tube-cooled magnetic stirrer, was to break the monopoly of foreign companies, the completion of import substitution.

2, the company's products exported to Canada, Brazil, etc., to enter the international market officially kicked off.

1, the successful development of the national invention patent products of high magnetic slab secondary cooling zone electromagnetic stirring roller, the product by the Chinese Society for Metals chaired identified as "advanced" products.

2, the successful development of high-voltage inverter suite of products to further enhance the company's ability to innovate, expand its product range.

Year 2008

Improve internal management, and built a joint-stock company in the true sense - HunanZhongke Electric Co., Ltd.

Year 2009

China successfully landed GEM, became the only listed company of electromagnetic industry.

Year 2010

Hunan Yue magnetic high core Holdings Co., Ltd. 51% stake in the company's traditional products to enhance the production and research and development capabilities, the company became the conventional electromagnetic products enterprises.

Year 2011 
1, holding the Guangdong Zhongke of the Industrial days Things Co., Ltd. 65% stake, the company began to get involved in the field of IOT.
2, as of June 2011, sales of electromagnetic stirring equipment flow exceeded 1,000 mark.

3, December 2011, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yueyang Chen Venture Ltd was established.

1 August 2012, the company's overall move to Yueyang Yueyang Road Zhongke Industrial Park.
2, as of October 2012, sales of electromagnetic stirring equipment flow exceeded 15 mark.

3, September 2012, the company developed a new product - tundish channel electromagnetic induction heating and refining means to the successful development of marketing.

Year 2014
1, June 2014, a wholly owned subsidiary of the transfer of 100% stake in the Chen home;

2. November 2014 Zhongke subsidiaries transfer a 60% interest in the day;

1, in December 2015 the company held by the transfer of a subsidiary of Yue magnetic high-tech 51% stake;
2, October 2015 China Machinery Industry Federation organized Hunan Zhongke Electric Co., Ltd. "tundish channel type induction heating and refining system," scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting was held in Yueyang City, Hunan Province, and successfully passed technical appraisal.

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