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Hunan Zhongke Electric Co., Ltd. (Zhongke Electric) marketing team by the director of marketing, vice president of marketing, marketing minister, regional manager, Ministry of Foreign Trade, the regional business office manager and storage components. In the "market-oriented, customer-centric" business philosophy, the marketing team efforts to enhance the core competitiveness, promote the rapid development of business, further strengthen the management of customer marketing, personalized marketing services based on customer needs.


Zhongke Electrical marketing team is the national and global Metallurgy industry one of the best team. As of June 2016, the marketing team has electromagnetic stirring equipment sales breakthrough 1800 flow, electromagnetic stirring coil sold more than 4,000 sets of core products in the domestic market share of over 90%, also the electromagnetic stirring equipment exports to Brazil, Saudi Arabia the first person in India, Iran and Turkey and other countries. Team worked countless steel enterprises, including China's most modern steel company Baosteel Group, China's first large-scale iron and steel enterprises in Hebei Iron and Steel Group, China's largest private steel enterprises in Jiangsu Shagang Group, and so on. Since its inception, the steady growth in operating results in the domestic industry sales champion electromagnetic export sales formed a unique marketing system.


Zhongke Electrical marketing team adhering to the "win the celebrated toast, Baize desperate rescue" the concept of concerted cooperation will be extended to all the company's products mills. Sales of traditional products, as always; new products, struggling to promote. The Electrical Division team, both experienced senior support, but also a new generation of energetic and motivated. So this team will be successful at all times!


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