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Lifting magnet
Essence casting electromagnetic stirring that by means of the electromagnetic force generated by the electromagnetic stirring effect to strengthen steel slab of uncured liquid movement, thereby changing the course of the solidification of liquid steel flow, heat transfer and migration, to improve slab quality purpose.

Practice and a large number of metallurgical industrial operation proves that the caster reasonable electromagnetic stirring can effectively improve the internal organizational structure of the slab, improve surface quality and reduce center segregation and center porosity, eliminate shrinkage and cracking center, greatly increasing the equiaxed rate. At the same time casting process conditions can be relaxed to increase the casting speed.

Electromagnetic stirring action is not a panacea, its metallurgical results and bad casting process conditions have a great relationship. Therefore, the control should be related to the metallurgical quality or the caster's own process metallurgy and metallurgical theory to consider, electromagnetic stirring process measures can be relaxed to such requirements, but can not replace.
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